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Chapter 2.
Pirates of the High Seas

Disclaimer / Terms of Use: Our NFTs are to be treated the same any product/collectable, and not as a financial investment.We as a project withhold the right and ability to pause, stop, or cancel the rewards earned/provided in our staking vaults in the event that they cannot be maintained, or if other issues arise.Our NFTs are for entertainment purposes ONLY.By "Holding, Staking, Using, Selling and/or Purchasing" any Nyx Labs NFT Collection means you agree and understand these terms.

Live Mints

Pot Princess NFT Mint is live

Pot Princess Magic Eden

420 Pot Princesses
Mint: LIVE
Price: 1.75 Solana

Gyarr! Welcome to the Pirates Hideout. A place to come play games with $Shake and $Solana.Hideout Mini-Games
Double your Solana in games like Coinflip, Dice and Rock Paper Scissors.
We offer Player vs Player
and Player vs House games.
Please Play ResponsiblyMUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER TO PLAY

Team Doxx

Pot Princess Doxx

Toke Map & Whitepaper

Official Pot Princess White Paper:
Official Twitter:
Official Discord:
Project Staking Vault: PotPrincessNFT Staking Vaults
PotPrincessNFT Dice
PotPrincessNFT Rock Paper Scissors

Welcome to the Pot Princess NFT Solana Blockchain Project.
Current Home to DeBUDS, Moon Buds, Shakers, MetaMerchants, Joints Pot Princesses and Future home to Bud Knights, and Kief Dragons and more!
Our project goal is to create Inspirational Artwork with Utility that benefits holders with great rewards.We will keep pushing forward by creating new products and services aimed at helping other Solana Blockchain Projects bridge gaps in their P2P (Project to Project) and P2H (Project to Holder) experiences, exposure, and oversight.Incubation / Breeding / Burning
If you can match and hold the corresponding Pot Princess to Bud Knight
(ex. Pot Princess #22 and Bud Knight #22) an ULTRA RARE Kief Dragon offspring can be claimed, but the Bud Knight will be burned.
Our NFT Collections will be able to be placed in our vault and staked for $Shake.
Learn more about $Shake here.
$Shake will be used...
- Purchasing Unique 1:1 Pipes and Bongs that will be burnt and added onto your 1:1 re-design.
- to trade in for high quality NFT accessories like Watches, Necklaces, Bracelets, Tattoos, Crowns, Tiaras, etc to be designed into your 1:1.
- Purchase White List tokens for future project collections and Collabs.
- Purchase NFTs from our Dispensary.
- More utility to come.
We're excited to announce our Solana Mini-games Online Lounge is Active! You can play Rock Paper Scissors and Dice currently with more to come.
Voting and initiative's: All Holders will be able to vote on initiatives brought to the community within discord. We plan on hosting virtual events, AMA's and virtual help and support sessions for project development or aspiring Artists, Project Creators and Visionaries.




Pot Princess Utility Token.
Name: $Shake
Supply: 1,000,000
Earned: By Staking Pot Princess NFTs
Trade $Shake for...
- White List Tokens
- NFT Raffles
- Unique 1:1 Upgrades
- Mini Games (coming soon)

MetaMerchant Discord Bot

MetaMerchant Discord Shop Bot

The MetaMerchant
Discord Shop Conversion Bot
Convert ANY discord into a nearly autonomous store.With the MetaMerchant you will list items for sale (NFTs, Whitelists, IRL Products) in a Discord Shop #Text Channel.Customers will react to your posted product(s), and the MetaMerchant will do the rest. All you have to do is verify the payment and send out the goods.Cost of Deployment?
You can redeem 1 MetaMerchant NFT + 2 Sol to deploy a MetaMerchan in your Discord.
Interested? Come chat with us

MetaMerchant Infographic

Ahoy!Welcome to Nyx Labs Chapter 2, Pirates of the High Seas. A chapter filled with adventure, treasure and boats.This chapter will integrate everything we’ve built so far into a fully functional universe of its own.You as a collector will go through 3 different tiers and will utilize Discord, Staking, Minting, and much more in our story.Discord has been re-created to help guide you through your pirate journey, We have added the following Categories:Lv1. Pirates Cove: This is as basic as it gets, you’ve verified yourself in our discord and you can chat with all the other to-be Pirate hopefuls. You can see some of our upcoming/past artwork and see some announcements and some general voting.Lv2. Blackwater Enclave:
You’ve minted/purchased a Pirate of the High Sea, you now have access to:
- Treasure Hunts (Registered Staking with Loot at the end of the mission)
- Booty Calls, access to Alphas/partnerships we’ve found to be worth while
- Pirate Voting (higher quality voting)
- Pirate Rumbles
- Pirate Raffles
- Pirate Upgrades
- Pirate Chat (Pirates Only)
Lv3. Captains Quarters:
You’ve amassed a Pirate Crew, you now have access to:
- Build a Boat
- Pirate Hunts (1:1 Loot)
- Boat Upgrades
- Captains Chat (Captains Only)
Purchase NFTs, Pirate Upgrades and Trade.
Tier 1 - Swabby
Discord rank: Swabby
Discord Access:
Lv1 - Pirates Cove
Black Market
Pirates of the High Sea, Requirements for WL minting:Contact the Black Market Merchant in the Black Market channel, He will request that you send him the following.Obtaining WL:
1. TBD Amount of $Shake
2. Registered ownership of the following NFTs:
+ TBD Amount of MoonBuds
+ TBD Amount of Joints
+ TBD Amount of Deities
+ TBD Amount of SkullKandy
(These NFTs will not leave your position, but will be registered to you. If you choose to sell the NFT before mint and another user registers the same NFT, it will be removed from the previous register and a notification will be sent)(If you are a Pot Princess/DeBud Holder, Discord Server Booster (the first 14 boosters) or have OG Ranking, you will be added to the WL without requiring the above).Tier 2 - Pirate of the High Seas
Discord Rank: Pirate
Discord Access:
Lv2 - BlackWater Enclave
Lv1 - Pirates Cove
Black Market
So you’ve obtained and registered your first Pirate! Congratulations you scurvy dog.
Now that you have your very own Pirate, Let’s start your Journey! Head over to the #Mission-Registration channel in the Blackwater Enclave and choose a Treasure Hunt to embark on.
During your treasure hunt mission, your Pirate of the North Sea will be locked for the duration. You will earn Loot ($Shake) daily, and at the end of the mission you will receive an airdrop of NFTs, Pirate Accessories of various rarities, and other loot.Once your Pirate returns, you can choose to create more Pirates by adding the accessories you’ve acquired from missions onto your pirate. This creates a brand new Pirate of the North Sea. (The same accessory cannot be used more than once on the same Pirate)The added accessory + $Shake + a small Solana fee, will be used as payment to upgrade/create your new crew member.Remember, you DO NOT have to use/burn your accessories. You can trade/sell them or buy accessories you would like to add to your pirate.Tier 3 - Captain of the High SeasDiscord Access:
Lv3 - Captains Quarters
Lv2 - BlackWater Enclave
Lv1 - Pirates Cove
Black Market
SHIVER ME TIMBERS! You’ve amassed a crew! And they look hungry for some booty.
In the Captain’s Quarters you’ll have the ability to build your very own pirate ship, which will open up more lucrative treasure hunts. Upgrade your boat with unique 1:1 accessories and add your Pot Princess as your Pirate Ships “Figure Head”.
More to come:

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